Shower B.I.T E61

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  • Designed to "regroup" the coffee during pre-infusion time and first part of the extraction really quickly in one consistent stream avoiding channeling and double extractions.
  • Much more body, sweetness, boldness, reducing bitterness to the cup.
  • Comes in 4 different sizes 10 grams ( single baskets and pods basket) and 16 or 18or 21 grams ( Double basket)
  • Fits all 58 mm portafilter :    Astoria cma, Bezzera ,BFC S.r.l., Bosco, Breville Pro series, Carimali, Cimbali, Elektra s.r.l, Evoca S.p.A.,Faema , Lelit, La Marzocco, La Nuova Era, Nuova Simonelli, la Pavoni, Mavam, Pasquini, Profitec, Promac, Rancilio, Quick mill, Rocket, Sanremo, Slayer, Synesso, Vittoria Arduino, Wega,
  • Round shape
  • Consistent flow
  • Easy to recognized
  • Grammage is considered up to ( ex: up to 16 gr)
  • Support any blend or single origin.
  • Made in Italy

New style E61 group type espresso machien shower screen. Deliveries a higher flow on the outside part of the screen to extract more uniformly the espresso puck. Thanks to the precision and positions of the holes BIT E61 creates a clean, balanced, smooth sweet long taste.

Sauro Dall'Aglio Design
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