The heart of a true barista

The artfully crafted world of coffee


Coffee means conviviality, dynamism and taste for a life always on the move, where every now and then it is nice to stop, slow down the pace and sip a drink that can unleash warmth and make us feel at home.
Our products are born from this attitude, from the desire to serve excellence and to satisfy all the needs of the specialty coffee world, at the cafe as well as in the kitchen. Tampers, levelers, milk pitchers and objects capable of making the difference, turning coffee brewing into a proper art.
A passion that combines technique and style.


Each of our ideas is characterised by the careful study of design, in the best Made in Italy tradition, by a unique character and by the total customisation of details, thanks to original patterns and graphics. The products are created by the in-house technical department, which outlines the shapes and carefully selects the best materials for manufacture. The production, carried out by specialised personnel,guarantees maximum quality, precise workmanship and excellent resistance for each product. Creativity at the service of the coffee world.


The inventiveness of our solutions is matched by high functionality, which allows them to offer an excellent service and to enhance the job of baristas and home-baristas.
Thanks to the vision of our designers, it will be easier to get the most out of each blend, preserving all the flavour of each coffee and achieving the perfect density. For ideal brewing on all occasions and guaranteed quality, which allows you to enjoy all blends at their best.
Innovation that surprises, every day.

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