Graphic Latte Art Pen - Light Wood

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  • Studied for the etching technique
  • Interchangeable tips
  • High quality materials
  • Separately washable tips
  • Customisable

Single Anodised Latte Pen

Latte Art is a technique that is taking on a substantial role in the world of coffee and it has therefore become necessary to design quality accessories to help professionals in their creative exercise.

Our pens are the perfect accessory for decorating lattes or cappuccinos with the etching technique. They are made of aluminium and can be single- or double-ended, compatible with 5 different tips we produce.

All pens have the possibility of housing the tips inside. Once the tips have been unscrewed, they can be inserted into the body of the pen, which in turn has a part that can be unscrewed to reveal the practical compartment.

The single Latte Art pen comes with a Spike tip

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